There was a blogger meet-up in London over at the Hummingbird Bakery, so I thought I would briefly pop over just to say hi to everyone. Finally, one pair of new shoes later and a couple failed attempts at finding Jill we finally arrived. It was great meeting all the girls and I have to say Carrie did a lovely post describing the afternoon and all the bloggers present that day, I couldn't have said it better. I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon talking politics, holidays, and counterfeit shoes with fellow friend and blogger Jill who is the creator and author behind PolkaDot. Always with her camera at hand ready to immortalise what catches her eye, she snapped a few pictures of me and has actually made a lovely post here. I wanted to share with you her amazing work so I have added a few of my favourite shots.


London Bloggers from Carrie .

Pictures by Jill(PolkaDot)

P.S: Thank you Thank you for your hundreds of Birthday wishes! you have no idea how touched I am, since this morning I have been replying Thank You's but I am not complaining one bit, they are all worth the time. As this is my first birthday as a blogger I really didn't quite know what to expect (actually I wasn't expecting anything) but I sure didn't expect so many thoughtful wishes in so many different places. So Thank you to my Twitter followers, Facebook 'likers' and all the emails and comments; THANK YOU!!

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