Why ignore the inevitable, the Back&White duo as been around since, well since always, and is here to say. Fashion is a bit like science, while there are some thing we just cannot wrap our heads around, there are others that are pretty easy to grasp, such as Black&White. When it comes to this trend, the rules are pretty straight forward and the only trick really is to avoid looking like a waitress.

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These four ladies do the Black&White trend to perfection. I already spoke about Rumi’s amazing ability to turn just about any old (white) T-shirt into a show stopping outfit.

Source: Golestaneh

This German Law student and blogger not only has a great sense of style but also has the amazing ability of creating a numerous amount of outfits with a few key pieces. An ability I have yet to master. yes, indeed I would love to be that girl who goes on holiday with just three pairs of shoes, some clothes and all of it nicely fitting into a carry-on bag. yeah right, like that’s going to happen any time soon. Coming back to the good and fashionable stuff, she’s masters the Black&White trend my mixing and matching every kind of textures possible and she makes it work every time.

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