This is the trend that made Rumi, from Fashiontoast ( do I really still need to introduce this "oh so very stylish" blogger) jump to stardom or at least made most of us recognize her name. However, it was this same style trend that resulted in her having to explain herself and her fashion choices in one of her latest post. I invite you, if you haven't already done so, to go and read this article (dated 12/17/2009 and got nothing less than 364 comments and counting). Because, as one blogger put it, it truly is "the article we wished we had written ourselves".

So back to the trend itself, if you haven't guessed by now, I am talking of the denim shorts and tights combo perfect for winter. Worn by so many of you that I was hard to make a selection, so I tried to be as diverse as possible in my picks, this part you made easy. This unstoppable trend, simple as it may be has been sported in so many diverse ways. I'm talking killer heels vs. combat boots, opaque black tights vs. sheer dotted ones, OTK boots vs. ballet pumps, itsy bitty shorts vs. boyfriend shorts, blue denim vs. black denim...

Hope you all have a great week-end, if you have any comments or questions do feel free.



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Sources: Rumi, Candy, and Juliet

p.s: As you might have noticed there are quite a few new faces and blogs to discover in this post. Indeed, most of the fashionable ladies featured above are recent discoveries and some I am very excited about as they truly have a unique and amazing sense of style. I owe most of these great discoveries to Chictopia and its amazing community of bloggers. You can find me on chictopia too, so feel free to stop by.