Sources: Valentine, MyBlomquist and Constance Victoria

Here is a fun trend and a welcome change from all the stripes we have been seeing lately; Dots and loads of them. Above, the girls are sporting the large version of the dotted clothing. This looks especially good in dark blue/black and white, I can just imagine this paired with a green cardo oversized shirt. I also love the fact that it looks great paired with stripes, perfect transition look from the stripes to the dots.

Sources: Calivintage, Sleepwalks and Karen

Sources: Hannah, Adelle and Susie Bubble

The smaller version of dots have been seeing on just about any item of clothing and I love how it instantly gives any outfit a fun and youthful side to it. It looks like its time to swap you basic skirts, jackets and harem pants for dotted versions.

Sources: FriendinFashion, Cocorosa and Elin

For a more vintage and old school look, try the black/blue or even red dots on white fabric. I really enjoy the 'homy' feel these small coloured dots convey an these girls make it look so effortless, it's perfect. Will you be going dotted this spring or will you stay faithfully in the stripped club?

New owner of my Nué colourful wedges: So, I took the time to appreciate and read through all your comments, emails, inboxes, DirectMessages and all other social communications. As I said before, I was not looking for a buyer but a new loving owner for these lovelies and I am happy to announce that the new proud owner is the author and creator of My Kinda Magazine. When checking out her blog, I immediately new that these wedges were made for someone like here who really knows how to make fashion playful and fun. So Congratulations and I will get in contact very shortly!

On a last note, get ready for the 'BIG 100th post GIVEAWAY'!!