Just a quick outfit post and a reminder that being serious 24/7 is neither good nor, well, serious. Going backwards and forth between Canterbury and London, I have noticed that very rarely do I take pictures when I am running around London. On this occasion I made a point of taking the time to snap some pictures to share with you.

I was also very flattered to see my looks here and here. Thanks Elodie, Laura and Elisabeth!! You can also check out my features in my 'featured in' section, an opportunity to discover new blogs.

Also, I hope you have noticed the countdown to 'the big 100th post giveaway' has begun. No excuses for not knowing as I have posted the countdown on the top of the sidebar. I will not reveil what there is to win, not yet anyway, but i will say this much. There will be two big winners!!

//WEARING// Dress: Primark (very old) Jacket: Zara Watch: Swatch Full Blooded collection Bag: Zara Boots: New Look