I haven't had the time to post many outfit posts lately so I thought I would share a few pictures from one night last week and combine it with a small trend that seems to be popping up everywhere; Autumn draping. I decide to this as when the three of us got together I seemed to be the only not draped from head to toe. Now all the dresses I seem to be attracted to for autumn seem to be draped in one way or the other.

//WEARING// Jeans: H&M super squin (new obsession right now) Black transparent shirt: H&M Black top: Zara

Here are a few bloggers sported wearing the wrapped and draped  trend to perfection. Funnily enough in the first collage, all of their dresses and skirts come from stylestalker something that I had not calculated but I do have to admit they have some amazing wrapped dresses and skirts. I especially have a huge crush on this particular dress.

Sources: Annabel, Nathalie and Denni

Sources: Diya, Marcella and Liz

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