You might remember me wearing my Faguo shoes in previous posts such as this one or even worn by Candice here (whom you have got to know throughout the summer). I thought I would wait until after meeting the creators behind this 'responsible' shoe before talking about it and what it represents. First thing you need to know it is not just a shoe, and in todays world were we all seem infatuated by multifunctional object, it seems quite normal that our shoe snow have multiple purposes. Let me explain myself.

Nicolas and Frédéric, the two French creators and designers behing the Faguos, created about a year ago this little pump and added the extra value to it by making sure this shoe was 'responsible'. Since the start they have tracked and calculated the amount of emissions the production of each shoe creates as they are conscious that "Faguo's activity has a direct impact on the global warming". Thus, their goal is to decrease these carbon emissions as much as possible, thus creating a smaller carbon footprint. More so, with every pair of shoes brought somewhere in France a tree is planted in turn "they will constitute a stock of carbon taking part in the fight against global warming". So for every shoe sold = a tree is planted = doing something good for our planet. It's not much, but sure is a start and at least ou can say you did something and you did it fashionably. Indeed, even though they have clearly spent a lot of time researching the impact on the environment of producing these shoes, they have also spent as much time thinking about the clean and simple yet well thought out design of the shoe.

Thanks to Nicolas and Frédéric for taking the time to share their passion, creations and knowledge with me!

The small coconut button on the side represents their promise of being a responsible yet fashionable shoe.

This is the limited edition shoe created for the event at the Bozar shop in Brussels. Then only made 120 of them so if you want a pair you better be quick, they are also available online which is never a bad thing :)

Frédéric and Nicolas talking to Geoffroy from

Frédéric and Nicolas, the two creators/designers of Faguo.

"The green walk"