... rain and with rain comes... umbrellas, wellington boots and (this fall/winter) ...Fedoras! I am a huge sucker for big scarf and hats, any hats will do. I had been on the hunt for the perfect velvet Fedora for this fall, not to small but not to huge as not to look like you have just come off the boot from Mexico. I found mine in H&M, Fashion Against Aids collection (sneak peak in previous post, HERE).

As always, the Fedoras were first spotted on the catwalks, and in the recent add campaigns, and the girls from the blogosphere have hopped on the trend again, and this time so did I. First up are my three favorite ways to wear it, plain black and white outfit like Elin, very laid back and cozy like Karen and brown with the 'borrowed' from the boyfriend' look like Golestaneh.

Sources: Elin Kling, karen and Golestaneh

Sources: Gala, Mary Catherine and Next-trend

Sources: Krystal, Jennifer and Taylor

Sources: Aimee, Dhika and Lin

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