You might (or might not) of heard of the new thing to do with your clothes; and that would be to 'swish' them. This means that instead or selling them on to your highest bidder, you swap them instead for another item of clothing. This means that no money is involved, and when done seriously and properly, you can basically change your wardrobe without spending a dime. I can see both my dad and boyfriend smiling from here. I actually really like the idea of not spending money on new clothes and just going through someone else's wardrobe instead.

Well this is precisely what happened this Saturday when we were invited to London, to take part in the first ever cross-border swishing experience. An event organised in collaboration with Eurostar, our trusted transport to cross over to that weird and isolated island, called the the United Kindgom. We left Saturday at 8h45 and we arrived at 9h45 in London (UK time). We spent the morning swishing, got to know each other over lunch, discovered East London, walked upa nd down Brick Lane and shopped (yes that was inevitable) on Oxford Street.

Thank you to the lovely girls from for sharing this new activity with us and to the Eurostar team for looking after us so well.

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