I received an email a while back from Coca Cola Light asking if I would be interested in becoming a style reporter for them. Not only am I a huge fan of the drink - as I don't drink any coffee, I have gotten use to drinking it every day - but I also believe that they have one of the best branding strategies out there, something that the EU could use a lot of right now. These are rough times for the EU people! Anyway, this view was only strengthened when I heard Dominique Reiniche (President Europe of Coca Cola Company) talk during the State of the European Union conference, where I was also invited to reflect the views of young bloggers and digital entrepreneurs about the future of Europe and how to renew Europe.  I actually really the idea of my two worlds -fashion and political - colliding in this way.


Anyway, coca cola Light invited me and other fellow bloggers to the 'customisez moi' fashion event and party which took place last friday.  It was a great fashion show, with some amazing young talent and some coca cola light inspired designs. The evening started with crazy and very colourful presentation by Romain Brau, you never know what to expect with Romain, but one thing for sure is that he always successfully takes us on a fashionable  journey.  The party ended on a musical note, with a act by Nicola Testa.