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A quick post as I ironically get ready to live Paris, whilst it would seem that have the blogosphere (for one) is flocking in from all part of the week to attend the shows at PFW. I wanted to share with you a few articles concerning these very sought after Fashion Weeks which I thought were very interesting and sincere. Now I know that all these articles have been written by British bloggers, so I don't know if these is something to look into here bit nonetheless there were all a fascinating read. I myself am still not quite sure what my take on all this mayem is. Hope you enjoy the read!

- LFW day 2: Irony Week (from the blog Park&Cube) - LFW outfit: day 6 (from The Stylecrusader) - LLG Fashion: What it's really like to attend the Milan shows (parts 1-4) (from Liberty London Girl) - Through the looking glas (from Liberty London Girl)

What is your take on this whole bloggers (sometimes front row) vs. Fashion Week debate? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Plus, if you didn't know Jamie's blog "From me to you", please do check it out! This New York based photographer does some amazing work, definitely worth the detour.

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