Jean-Paul Lespagnard presentation

//The Presentation//


//The people//

So here we are in the mist of Paris Fashion Week, I have just arrived back in Brussels and I am already running out of time. But I really wanted to share with your Jean paul Lespagnard's presentation during this PFW. Jean paul Lespagnard has managed to take something as iconic as basketball - add the 70s feeling to it - and turn into a unique interpretation, world of his own if you wish. Which was then translated onto the models as a very wearable, modern and sleek collection. With some quirky touches here and there, that subtly catches the audience's eye, such as the incredible wooden heels, the hologram pendants and the cute red lobsters.

All in all I had a wonderful time and was blown away by the whole presentation of it all, from the models to the setup. Thank you Stijn and Tome (Pure) for the invitation.

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