Sources: Rumi, Karen and Erika Marie

What do these beauties have in common you might ask? Well in case you havent spotted the large chunk of equally gorgeous wood dangling of their feet, it's the blogged famous Dany shoes by JS. I don't know what it is with them, but I have found my self very attracted to them and pondering just how I might be able to balance myself on a pair of these beauties. These are not normally the kind of heels i gravitate towards (admire the choice of words) but hey f they look good and the catwalk, look great on these girls why can't they look just as good on me? And god know I could uses the extra inches that comes with them. Well I have looked and searched for someone to deliver these over to our little Island but with no such luck...until... Bakershoes who have kindly offered my desperate self a pair of silver Dany platforms and will ship them to the UK!

Now all I have to do is be patient (I think I'm capable of such a thing) and start practicing walking on stilts. Then again, if I can't walk in them, I hope I can at least look this good twirling around in my office chair. That will do!