Lately I have been fascinated about the discussions surrounding bloggers, who knew that simple individuals with a willingness to express themselves, whether this be by writing, clothing, or any other form of expression, would create such huge debates. Indeed, it seems that many are intrigued, but also criticise and analyse in depth, the impact and the legitimacy of bloggers. Many high end magazines seem to dislike them (us, not quite use to being part of the blogosphere yet), partnerships and gift receiving are frowned upon, and every little detail is microscopically analysed, and for what? I have yet to fin d a logical explanation, appart from the fact that bloggers are becoming an increasingly fast growing generation of open minded people who will say and do what is on their mind, connected together at all corners of the world, giving them a louder voice and thus power of influence that many couldn't even dream of.

I think people are just going to have to get over themselves (Yes Anna Wintour, Tavi will be sitting in the front row of many fashion shows to come and she won't be the only blogger either) and accept the reality of thing, bloggers are here and it looks like they are here to say with a lot on their minds. Indeed, there is an endless amount of ink and paper here in the blogosphere.

So here is a little outfit post, love this Yesstyle fleece jacket, just the best. Yesstyle has yet to disappoint me. I brought these dress in several colours and its actually really soft and great to wear. I guess most of you got something from the Graden Collection this weekend, I got quite  a few pieces I will share with you sometime soon. But I didn't manage to get my hands on the lovely red rose dress (sigh). I have been asked quite a few time by my french readers to translate my blog, as the requests have become increasingly numerous I am seriously considering translating my posts, however I am worried it won't translate that well. Do you have any suggestions regard this?

// WEARING// Fleece lined jacket: Yesstyle T-shirt/Dress and tights: H&M Clutch: Malafuba (brought at BIBA Paris) Ankle boots: Zara